Simple Tips for Keeping Your Automatic Garage Door in Good Working Order

4 April 2016
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An automatic garage door is typically a very tough and durable piece of equipment; the springs and chains that operate the door are meant to hold up its weight and still operate safely for years. However, you can do quite a bit to keep it in good working order and avoid unnecessary repairs, often with just a few simple things that any homeowner can manage. Note a few of those here so you keep your garage door and its parts in good working order.

1. Examine the Tracks

A few times every year, examine the tracks of the garage door and note if they seem bent or otherwise damaged. If a track is slightly bent out of shape, you can usually bend it back into place with a pair of pliers. If you ignore a bent track, the weight of the door may keep pulling on this area so that the track comes away from the wall or stops the door altogether. Make this quick and simple repair when you first notice any bending or warping of the track to keep it protected.

2. Remove Rust

It's good to examine the chains and other exposed parts of the garage door, including the track, for noticeable rust. If the rust is allowed to build up, this can flake off and get in the way of the door along the track or in the way of the chains used to lift and lower it. Remove rust with a lubricant spray, especially if you notice any creaking or scraping sounds from the door, as this often means the rust has spread and is becoming somewhat serious.

3. Don't Tug on the Door

If an automatic garage door isn't working as it should, don't try to force it into place or tug on it. Usually the door will stop working for a good reason, such as a chain has become kinked or the rust problem mentioned above has gotten in the way of the door's operation. There could also be an electrical short in the housing of the motor that has caused it to shut down. Tugging or forcing the door can then break or otherwise damage a chain or spring. If the door is stuck because the track is bent or out of alignment, forcing it might actually pull the track from the wall. Rather than doing this, troubleshoot the problem with the door and address it properly so you avoid making the repair job even worse.

If the wear and tear of the garage appears extensive or your garage door motor needs to be replaced, consider contacting a professional to take a look and make any repairs.