Pros and Cons of Timber For Sash Windows

13 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Sash windows are a wonderful addition to any home, offering a traditional look and excellent curb appeal. When you choose to have these installed in your home, you will first need to choose a material. Timber is often revered as one of the best materials against its alternatives, such as aluminum, vinyl, and composite. Here are some pros and cons of timber for your sash windows so you can decide if this is a good material for you.

Pro: Wood Offers a Unique Warmth

While some of the other materials, such as faux wood or vinyl, can offer a wood-like appearance, it just doesn't compare to real hardwood. Sash windows that have framing made from real wood have a homey and cozy appearance. The space feels warmer and you feel right at home when using this material. Even down to the feeling of the wood can make a difference. Not to mention that the quality of real hardwood is different in its appearance up close and from a distance as opposed to the alternative materials.

Con: They Are High-Maintenance

Unfortunately, as much as the aesthetic appeal of wood is better than the alternatives, it also requires a lot more work. Wood is prone to warping and rotting due to water and moisture from humidity. If you live in a humid climate, you will need to control it indoors as much as possible. Otherwise, you will have rotted wood that needs to be replaced before too long. You also need to be careful when cleaning the windows so you don't get too much cleaner on the wood frame that could ultimately lead to warping. Also make sure you are protecting against insects like termites, which often go after wood.

Pro: Wood is an Eco-Friendly Material

Since wood can easily be recycled or reused when you are replacing the windows or making repairs, it is often seen as an eco-friendly option. The wood frame can be removed from the glass to be used for indoor or outdoor projects, such as hanging it on a wall and placing pictures in each square where there was once glass, or you can pull the pieces apart and bring them to a wood recycling plant.

Con: You End Up paying More

Wood sash windows do tend to be more expensive, especially when using real hardwood as opposed to faux wood. The wood itself costs more, as well as the cost of manufacturing it, then add in the cost of maintenance and repairs. If you are looking to save money, aluminum or vinyl are probably better options.