Tips For Choosing the Best Door Lock For Your Home

27 June 2016
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A big part of home security is choosing the right type of locks for your doors. For the main entry door, it is vital that you think long and hard and choose the most secure you can find. Don't worry too much about the look of the lock, and instead focus on its function and how difficult it would be for an intruder to get into without a key. Here are some tips for choosing a door lock for your home.

Look at the Grade

An easy way to tell exactly how secure a particular door lock is is by looking at the grade. Each lock will have a grade on it based on its features and how secure it is. The higher the number for the grade, the less secure it is. While higher number grade locks might be easier to install and more affordable, they are not a good option for the main entry door of your home. Try to find the grade with the lowest number you can when shopping for door locks. The grades are based on how many door strikes and cycles it can handle before the lock starts to degrade in quality and efficiency.

Consider a Deadbolt Lock

While it often requires professional installation and may cost more, a deadbolt is one of the best locks available if you go for a lock that requires a key. There are single and double cylinder deadbolt locks, with the double cylinder ones being even harder to break into. Deadbolts are very difficult for the average intruder to pick or to remove from the door if they bring their tools. This allows you to have better security with your front door and hopefully keep burglars from your home. Look for a deadbolt made of extremely durable materials, such as a steel or bronze deadbolt. You can find some with different finishes if you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of the door lock.

Look Into Keyless Locks

Another way to go is by choosing a lock that doesn't require a key, but instead asks for a numeric code to be entered. These are great because you no longer worry about a lost or stolen key and whose hands it might end up in. With a keyless lock, only someone with that numeric code gains access into your home. It is easy to change the numbers periodically and give certain codes to certain people for temporary or short-term access into your home, such as a plumber or housekeeper. Changing the number periodically is another way to provide even better security for your home.

Talk to a 24 hour locksmith about the lock styles and which one is best. They can help you find a secure lock and install it for you.