What to Expect When Using Land Surveyors

27 April 2023
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If you are thinking of developing your property, you may need the services of land surveyors. The boundaries of your land need to be determined before beginning construction. This is especially valid when construction takes place close to a property line.

While the terminology and the names of the boundary surveys vary slightly from state to state, the results are generally the same. Using a land surveying company with offices in every state is wise.

This quick guide outlines exactly what a boundary survey includes and what you can expect from your land surveyors

Step One

The first step in any land boundary survey is acquiring the land's title certificate. This lists any property rights and encumbrances that have an impact on the property such as easements, leases and restrictions.  

To identify this information, a land surveyor will request the pertinent titles and registered survey plans on file with the State Titles office.

Step Two: 

The boundary location is identified by the survey marks referenced in the document. 

Land surveyors then use a variety of contemporary tools such as electronic theodolites with in-built meters to measure distance. They measure and collect data that will later be downloaded into software back at the office. 

Along with taking lots of pictures, they physically mark out the site with pegs and tape.

Any fencing, improvements and walls that interface with the boundary are also indicated.

Step Three: 

The information is compiled and summarized in a comprehensive Boundary Survey Report.

Who is Eligible to Conduct a Boundary Land Survey?

What is termed a Cadastral endorsement is required by the industry for any surveyor performing boundary surveys. 

Because of this industry recognition, the information generated can be trusted. Registered or licensed land surveyors must perform legal surveys of boundaries and the connections between improvements and those boundaries. 

Why Do Costs Vary?

The cost of a boundary survey quote varies and is determined by a variety of important variables, such as: 

  • size of the property.

  • the actual scope of work.

The scope of work includes such complexities as the number of boundaries, neighbouring properties, and the number of structures or improvements that are near or on the boundary

Timing and accessibility, both to and around the property, are two factors to consider.

Finally, the format of the plan on delivery, whether in a simple PDF file (Portable Document File) or in a more complex CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, will also affect costs.