3 Reasons To Re-Roof Your Home

29 April 2015
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Re-roofing is an elaborate process that seeks to restore the function and look of your roof. It's also an expensive process as it entails replacing your roofing material in whole. While simple repairs only require minor work, certain factors call for the complete overhaul of your roof. Read on to see what they are and what they involve:

Your roof is nearing its lifespan

When purchasing any type of roof material, your manufacturer or supplier will include information about its lifespan. This is because every roofing material out there has a life expectancy beyond which the roof material is no longer safe for use. You should therefore always be keen about what roof material you have and how long it has been in use. Some materials like metal and concrete last well over 50 years while others like asphalt shingles last about half of that. Once the expiry year of your roof starts to close in, you should start to think about a re-roof, regardless of what condition your roof is in. The reason for this is because, over time, your roof material will lose its strength and will be highly vulnerable to damage.

Your roof has extensive damage

The most visible and familiar reason behind re-roofs is damage. Not all roofs get to live to their maximum lifespan. Along the way, various factors may force you to change your roof. Moisture, for example, can cause mold or algae on shingles; it can also cause cracking and rot on wood tiles. On the other hand, metal roofs can get rust over time due to the same. If you're unfortunate, accidental damage due to storms and falling tree can also render your roof unsafe.

You need to change the look of your roof

Lastly, you may decide to get a re-roof just to change the appearance and style of your roof. Your roof carries weight in regards to the kerb appeal and value of your home, so these reasons may lead you to make the transition.  There are also numerous roofing options available today and new technologies, too, may prompt you to make an upgrade, either due to function or aesthetics.  You can re-roof your home and shift to metal, clay, concrete, asphalt, slate or even wood.  Apart from the materials, a re-roof will also let you change the color, design and profile of your roofing. This way, you can transform your roof from traditional to contemporary or vice versa.

Due to the nature of the work involved, it's imperative to get qualified roofers for the job. This will ensure the work is done professionally with due attention paid to critical areas such as valleys, ventilation, flashing and even guttering. For more information, contact a company like Roof Plus.