Future Usefulness of Engineering Surveys

25 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


From the simple home buyer to that large business group intending to build a massive mall or shopping complex, a survey is a necessary undertaking that has its many benefits. Surveys provide crucial data for a project and help steer the project successfully to completion. Engineering surveys play an important anchoring role for engineering projects, ensuring they are completed as planned and in time. While the immediate need for engineering surveys at the onset of a project can be clearly seen, the future need for these surveys may not be so vivid to many.  The truth is that engineering surveys are crucial at present, past, or in the future. This is why you must choose a capable team with a wide range of equipment and the necessary skill and experience to undertake these surveys at all times. Here are some ways in which well-done engineering surveys can benefit anyone in the future.

Expansions, modifications, and alterations

Bridges, roads, large buildings, and many other projects that fall under engineering should always be undertaken with future alteration needs in mind. A building may need to be increased in levels, a mall may need its parking lot expanded, and a bridge may need to be extended in future. All these and more similar situations may probably call for further engineering surveys before implementation. With the right engineering surveys, such future alterations and modifications can be easily done if the original survey was carried out with correct foresight. Your survey data may need changing slightly here and there, but the overall process would be quicker and easier compared to if the survey process had to be commenced afresh to cater for these modifications. Remember, the longer time spent on the field by surveyors, the higher the cost incurred by the client.


Engineering survey documents can be used to solve several future disputes that may arise. A mall, for instance, may get into a boundary dispute with its immediate neighbors when they want to extend their parking lot. In this instance, the original survey documents can be used as further proof that the disputed area was theirs all along. Similarly, surveys can be used to show liability, or lack thereof when a dispute arises between a building owner and contractors, or occupants of the building. The survey will show whether some incidents were anticipated and ignored or not. An engineering survey can also be helpful during valuation disputes on properties when determining true value.

Quality control

Engineering surveys further help in monitoring the continued performance of the finished project. The surveys can be used to anticipate problems and take precautionary measures, as well as tackling unexpected occurrences. Geospatial data on the surveys, for instance, can be used to predict and correct anticipated occurrences due to weather and other natural phenomena. Overall, engineering surveys are a great investment for all factions intending to complete and maintain a healthy engineering project over several lifetimes in the future.