3 Reasons Property Managers Should Have an Electrical Maintenance Tech On Staff

27 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are a property manager, you already know the need for having certain people on your staff. For example, you likely have a handyman, groundskeeper and billing representative on staff. What you may not have on staff is someone in electrician maintenance. You also may not see the need to have this spot on your normal staff since you can call someone if an emergency occurs. However, there are some reasons you should, beyond the normal emergencies.

Power Surge Outages

Your renters likely have some sort of renters insurance that covers damaged items in their homes. The problem with this comes in when it is something that happens to the rental as a whole. For example, you may have a power surge due to lightning or thunderstorms. This power surge can cause damage to the property's electrical system and increase a risk of fire, among other issues. By having an electrician on staff for electrician maintenance, you ensure  that the risk caused by a power surge–related outage is reduced as quickly as possible and the maintenance is done to ensure the safety of the renter or renters.

Air and Heat Issues

Though most air and heat issues can be handled by calling an HVAC technician, sometimes one may not be available for several days or even weeks due to scheduling and other clients. If this is the case, having an electrician on staff for maintenance, who has experience with HVAC units, is vital. Keep in mind, if your renters are without air and heat during certain times of the year, it not only makes the uncomfortable but it could put them at risk for health complications.

These complications such as heat stroke or cold related issues, especially in children or the elderly, could come back as a liability on the property depending on your contracts and area laws. You can avoid this by having someone on staff that can handle the repairs and get the HVAC units running again as quickly as possible.

Electrician Maintenance Between Tenants

If the property you manage has multiple units, you know that you generally have a regular cycle of tenants either moving in or out of the units. If this is the case, you also know that the longer a unit is down for maintenance, the longer it is until the next tenant can move in and that means a loss of income from that unit. To avoid this, you can have an electrician on staff that can handle the maintenance in the units and get them ready for the next tenants as quickly as possible so your loss of income is minimal.

These are only three reasons to consider having someone on staff for electrician maintenance. If you are ready to move forward, you may consider using a local job placement organization that can help find the right person, with the right property experience, for your needs. You can also contact a company like Multiple Trades & Maintenance.