Problems That Can Interfere With Your Home's Air Conditioner

31 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A home's air conditioner may run for years without any problems, but sometimes even minor issues with any part of the system can cause it to fail. In some cases you may need a technician to address these problems, but some can be fixed by any homeowner. Note a few problems that can interfere with your home's air conditioner and then consider how to address them or when to call a repair person.

1. Blocked condenser and grill

You may not think much of the tall weeds and grass growing around the unit that sits outside your home, but this can mean that the unit shuts off earlier than it should. The condenser needs to vent air and when it doesn't, it gets warm and then shuts down. When the condenser is blocked entirely, it can also cause the unit to shut down. Trim back weeds and clean leaves and other debris from the unit.

2. Too much refrigerant

You may think that an air conditioner cannot have too much refrigerant, but this added pressure can cause the unit to shut down. It might also cause it to leak, as there is pressure on the reservoir holding the refrigerant. If you notice any type of puddle under the unit outside your home and it's not working, you want to have a technician check the refrigerant pressure and then have it properly adjusted.

3. Bad wiring

If the wiring is bad between the home's thermostat and the air conditioner, this can cause the unit to cycle on or off excessively; the unit cannot properly read the temperature or the thermostat can be telling it to shut on or off no matter the temperature inside. Bad wiring can mean that it never comes on at all, since it cannot be signaled to switch on. A technician can check the power to the wiring and note if anything is without power or is without consistent power and needs to be replaced.

4. Blocked fan

If you hear the air conditioner unit humming but there is no cool air, this might be a blocked fan. There may be something inside the unit blocking the fan from operating or it may be that the fan motor has burned out. Check if there is any debris inside the unit that is in the way of the fan and if not, have a technician check the power of the motor to see if it needs replacing.