Why Crane Hire is the Best Option

6 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Despite a weaker global economy, the construction industry has recently been on the rise. With more spending flowing into industrial construction projects, contractors find themselves with increasing workloads which they may or may not be able to meet with their current resources. When it comes to equipment such as cranes, excavators and bulldozers, those looking to expand and meet growing workloads have options. Contractors can either purchase new equipment or hire equipment. In terms of cranes, crane hire is the best option.

No Maintenance Expenses

When owning equipment, it constantly needs to be maintained to extend the life and earning potential. Maintenance spending on cranes is very costly as they need to be carefully cared for in order to stay in good working condition. Slew, franna and even industrial cranes must be kept in excellent condition to avoid downtime on job sites. Luckily, a crane hire company will maintain their own fleet and always be able to provide work-ready, reliable machinery for contractor use.

Newer, More Advanced Equipment

Crane hire also means you are likely to receive newer, more advanced machines. Your slew crane will likely be newer if hired, than if you were to maintain your own fleet. Skilled crane operators that know the latest model features of the franna crane you are renting can also be supplied through crane hire. This eliminates the need to spend time training employees or making sure they receive the proper certifications needed to operate equipment.

Increased Efficiency

Contractors can also be more efficient with crane hire. From industrial crane hire to smaller franna cranes, a crane hire company will have many different options that allows for the proper equipment to be selected. Cranes can be sized to the job which means you will have the right crane and boom truck to get the job done on time.

No Costly Upfront Investment

Another benefit of crane hire is the limited capital investment. There is no large upfront investment in crane equipment. Crane hire allows contractors to free up capital for other investments or business expenses as machinery costs are only incurred when it is necessary for a specific job. This means more money in the contractor's pocket, instead of sitting idle on their property.

Crane hire is a great option for jobs large and small. A wide range of cranes available for hire allows contractors to keep money in their pocket and provides the ability choose the appropriate equipment to get the job done efficiently and on-time.