Some Topics to Discuss With a Potential New Home Builder

7 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When hiring a new home builder, you want to ensure you know everything involved with the process of having your home built. You may think you can or should just hire the builder and then wait until he or she hands you the keys to your completed house, but chances are you'll have some questions and concerns about construction before it's completed. Note a few things here that you'll want to discuss so you know everything will be addressed properly as your home is being built.

1. Always ask if you can hire your own subcontractors

Builders may take years to find the right subcontractors who do a good job and who are reliable. If you want to use certain subcontractors, you need to discuss this long before the building process begins. A builder may not be comfortable working with a company he or she doesn't know and may not allow working with inexperienced subcontractors no matter how skilled you think this person is with a saw. Don't assume you can bring in your own subcontractors even though it's "your" home being built, as the builder is responsible for safety on the jobsite, ensuring things are done up to local codes, and the like.

2. Ask about updates and if you can visit the construction site

Very often, builders will have work stop if you want to visit the construction site for a tour; this is for your own safety. This can set back your schedule, if you plan on visiting often. You might instead ask how often they give out updates and if they are available for you to ask questions; even if it means talking to them on the phone at night, after working hours, you may prefer this in order to get your questions answered promptly and know the progress of your home's construction.

3. Ask when you need to have decisions made about materials 

If your builder is not building your home based on a model, you may need to decide on flooring, cabinetry, crown molding, carpeting, and the like. If you know ahead of time when these decisions are going to be needed, you can make note of that in your own calendar so you and your spouse or anyone else making the decision with you can have plenty of time to go over all your options. This will ensure nothing is left to the last minute, and construction won't be delayed as a result.