When Should You Call a Professional for Concrete Repairs on Your Property?

8 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A few tiny cracks on your home's driveway can usually be fixed with a bit of concrete sealant, or you might be willing to mix up a batch of concrete filler and address larger cracks when necessary. However, there are times when it's good to invest in the services of a professional for concrete repairs. Before you decide to get out the wheelbarrow and shovel and start mixing up filler for your home's driveway and other areas, consider when you want to call a professional instead. 

1. When concrete is uneven

If a part of your home's driveway or walkway has broken so that it is now uneven or is jutting out, you need to consider if the driveway needs better support. Oftentimes soft soil will allow a part of the driveway to sink so that it then cracks and one part is lower than the other, causing the other part to jut out. If you don't address this problem under the driveway, fixing the crack itself won't help; the driveway will just continue to sink and continue to crack. A professional might suggest slab jacking, or pumping materials like lime underneath the driveway area to strengthen the soil and give the driveway the support it needs.

2. When the surface needs re-facing

You might be able to repair some cracks and chips in the concrete, but what does your driveway and walkways or patio look like? If they're old and worn and seem drab and industrial, a professional concrete repair service can often do more than just fill in holes for you. They might grind down the surface and then buff it so it's smooth and attractive, or add an aggregate that gives it texture and a nice color. They can also paint or stain the concrete so it looks better overall. Rather than live with an old, worn driveway or patio, have a professional address its appearance at the same time as needed repairs.

3. When water damage may be affecting your home

A crack in the driveway near the road may not affect your home, but if the driveway is getting chipped and cracked where it meets the house, this can mean that the home's foundation is also suffering water damage. Leaving this unchecked can mean needing more expensive foundation repairs down the road, and also allowing your home to settle and shift so that it may suffer structural damage. Have a concrete repair professional check on any damage that's near the home to ensure the foundation is in good condition.