4 Things You Must Do Before Building Your New Home

9 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you buy land and have the idea to build your own home, it can be exciting and make you want to rush into hiring a contractor. However, there are some things you need to do before any building can begin. Here are some important things to consider and have done before you start on your home building project.

1. Consider Other Structures You Want On Your Land

A common mistake made by people who rush into the building is having plenty of space for the house itself, but not considering other structures as well. Right now, you might want the majority of your property to consist of the house and garage only, but what if you want to add some other detached structures? Really sit down and figure out if it is worth having a smaller house and extra room around the house for structures like a playhouse, detached garage for extra storage or parking, a swimming pool in the backyard, or a big garden with room for fruit trees. If so, try to compromise between a big enough space but also enough room on the property for other expansions.

2. Plan to Have a Greener Home

While you can add solar panels to your roof after it has been built, there are some eco-friendly features you should plan out now. For example, if you plan to install heat in your home, consider installing a geothermal heating system. This is a type of heating system where the heat comes from pipes that are underneath the ground's surface. It is best to plan this before building in order for an easier installation process. You might also want to build your house to where windows are on the south side of the property in order to get sunshine through them to heat your home and reduce your energy bills.

3. Test the Soil

This is something a qualified contractor knows to do, but be sure they follow through with it. Testing the soil is essential because it looks for the risk of having foundation problems. Foundation issues can occur if you have expansive soil, which swells when it is wet, then shrinks again when it is dried. This type of soil can actually cause your foundation to become uneven and ultimately affect your home, requiring a major remodeling project. Soil testing is also needed for some of the building permits, so it is a good thing to have done now.

4. Obtain Building Permits

You will need to have building permits up-to-date before any building can begin. Again, this is something a qualified contractor can help you with, but it is also a good idea to look into them yourself. Make sure you have the plans for your house first, as the building permit office will want some information about your house, such as the size, placement, layout, and other details.