New Coat Of Paint? 3 Colour Concepts To Attract New Buyers For Your Home Quicker

13 June 2016
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It's no secret that first impressions are lasting, so buyers are likely to form their own perceptions based on your home's appearance. If you're planning to sell, then you'll obviously want your home to look its best. Drab looking walls and abused furniture can bring down the look of the entire home, so giving it a new coat of paint can potentially fetch you a better price, faster. Follow these colour concepts when working with painters in your quest to attract new buyers for your home quickly.

Earthen Shades Conjure A Sense Of Nature

If you're looking to create ubiquitous appeal, then the best trick is to choose colours that resonate with all kinds of tastes. Earthen colours are exceptional in homes with a cosy and cottage-like appearance because they conjure a sense of outdoor nature when you're indoors. Tans, greens, browns and greys are muted earthen colours pinched from nature's palette, offering tranquil appeal within the interiors of your home. So if you're looking to make your home appealing when you sell it, work with your painters to add these appeasing hues to your home's overall appearance. 

Neutral Shades Bring Soothing Relaxation

Neutral paint shades feature minimalistic style for maximum appeal with their soothing undertones and subtle finishes. Some mild and soft neutral tones are beige, light grey, pale yellow and light olive. The key to choosing a good neutral colour is to combine warmth with minimalism. Warm, neutral colours are inviting and infuse character into any room without appearing too bright or garish. Neutral colours don't conflict with the plans that potential buyers may have for each room, so this colour concept is a great idea for any part of your home. Work closely with your painters to identify the neutral shades you want to use in each room of your home.

White Shades Make A Classic And Timeless Appeal

You can never go wrong with classic all-white walls in every room because of its universal and timeless appeal. But you must keep in mind that white is never just white when it comes to infusing some degree of personality in the room. The best part of choosing white shades is the opportunity you give to potential homebuyers to do what they like with it later. The brightness of these shades creates unparalleled home appeal, enabling your home to be presented in the best possible light. Shades of white include cream, ivory, off-white and eggshells.

Pay special attention to these colour concept decisions when working with your painters because this could fetch you several thousands of dollars more, while allowing you to sell your home faster.

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