Why You Should Consider Hiring a Tip Truck Service

13 June 2016
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If you run a construction business, you might occasionally find the need for a tip truck. Tip trucks come in handy whenever you want to dump materials like wet concrete, dirt, mulch, or gravel. However, if you don't currently own one, you need to decide between renting one and operating it yourself or hiring a tip truck service company to handle the dumping for you. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a service for all your tip truck needs.

The Dumping Is Completed by Professionals

Naturally, a good reason to hire a tip truck service instead of renting the truck is that qualified professionals will do the work for you. You don't need to worry about training one of your employees to use the tip truck or about potential injuries from this type of equipment. The tip truck company will have experience dumping different types of materials and have the added benefit of insurance to protect against injuries or accidental damage.

They Are Expensive

Whether you were thinking of buying, leasing, or renting a tip truck, it isn't a cheap piece of equipment. These trucks require a considerable investment, not just when buying it, but also with regular maintenance and repairs. Just like other construction equipment, it requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is working properly and that it will be safe for your employees to use. When you hire a tip truck service, you only pay for each individual service, saving quite a bit of money.

Your Employees Might Need a Commercial Drivers' License

Depending on where you live, your construction workers might need a special commercial drivers' license in order to operate a dump truck. This is because they don't just use the equipment on the job site but need to drive on the road to pick up the materials from another location, then bring it to the job site. This type of truck requires special handling; therefore, a special license is also required. This requires more training and cost for the employee, so it is often easier to just hire a tip truck service.

You May Not Need It Often

The reason it makes sense to hire a service instead of getting a tip truck yourself is because you might find that you don't need it often. If you only use it to dump soil and dirt on new job sites, this may only be for a few hours once a month or so. In this case, buying the expensive equipment might not be feasible at this time.

For more information, contact a local tip truck hire company.