Reasons Glass Splashbacks Are Ideal for Any Kitchen

17 June 2016
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If you are looking to renovate your kitchen to enhance its functionality as well as its aesthetic value, then you should consider installing glass splashbacks. These splashbacks are installed on walls that are adjacent to areas of regular usage such as above your stovetop or above your kitchen sink. Here are some of the reasons why glass splashbacks are ideal for any kitchen.  

Glass splashbacks give your kitchen a facelift

One of the biggest benefits of opting for glass splashbacks is that they are a convenient way to make your kitchen more attractive without having to break the bank with kitchen renovations. Glass is a sleek material that blends in well with any type of kitchen design or theme. In addition to this, the reflective nature of glass also enhances the amount of natural light in your kitchen. This adds much needed illumination, especially in kitchens that have a limited amount of natural light. Glass splashbacks also come in a wide array of colours as well as textures. If you were looking to add a pop of colour to your kitchen, they would be a great way of doing so without having to resort to repainting your entire kitchen. If you find that the kitchen walls are bland, incorporate textured ones. These not only break the monotony of the bland walls, but they also add some tactile interest to your kitchen. 

Glass splashbacks are easy to maintain

The kitchen is prone to a number of spills throughout the day. Not attending to these immediately can lead to an array of stains all over your most-used work areas. With glass splashbacks, you do not have to worry about rigorous cleaning process to keep your kitchen in pristine condition. All they require is a simple wipe down with detergent and a moistened cloth. Additionally, they do not require grouting as their tile counterparts do. Therefore, you do not have to worry about stained grout that you would have to clean on a daily basis to prevent staining. Overall, glass splashbacks are less strenuous to deal with when it comes to keeping them clean. 

Glass splashbacks are hygienic

Another benefit of glass splashbacks is that they are not porous. Other materials such as ceramic tiles have the propensity of absorbing germs and bacteria into the tile. If not cleaned regularly, mould and other microorganisms begin to breed in them. Since glass splashbacks are non-porous, you do not have to worry about them harbouring mould.