Some Important Tips for Preserving and Protecting Your Wood Deck

30 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you are ready to build an outdoor deck, no doubt you take quite a bit of time selecting the right timber and then planning the overall design and space. However, if you don't work to maintain that wood deck over the years, even the best timber supplies (such as those from Hayter's Timber & Paving) will eventually rot or otherwise suffer wear and tear so that they need to be replaced. Your beautiful new deck may then look old and worn and you may not even be able to use it. Note a few important tips for preserving and protecting your wood deck so that the timber you used always looks its best. 

Filling in cracks

Cracks, chips, and dents in the wood can grow very quickly, and they weaken the wood so it may be more prone to breakage in that area. It's good to inspect your timber deck every year and fill in those cracks, no matter how small, with a wood putty meant for the type of timber used and for the outdoors. Be sure you let the putty dry completely before putting a coat of paint or some furniture over it, so it won't weaken and will adhere properly.  

Power washing

Power washing your timber deck is very important, as this removes mold and mildew and also any insect nests and infestations that are along the surface. Mud can also be more than unsightly; the moisture from mud can be absorbed by the timber and this can cause damage.

Using a power washer for your timber deck is a bit more complicated than you might imagine; be sure you opt for a detergent meant for wood and not for your car or home's exterior. Wood detergents may have an oil added so that the timber doesn't dry during cleaning. Avoid using a strong pressure on chipped areas as this can cause the chip to get larger, and use the pressure washer on a bright sunny day so the water dries quickly and can't get absorbed by the timber.


Many homeowners know to add a coat of sealant or water repellant to their deck every year or as often as recommended for their type of timber and climate, but what many overlook is the need to add the sealant to all surfaces of the deck. It's important to keep the decks flooring protected from the elements but the underside of the deck can also absorb moisture from the ground, snow that collects under the deck, and the like. Be sure you add sealant to all exposed sides of a deck to keep it in good repair.