Plumbing Trouble? 4 Potential Causes Of Hot Water Not Working In Your Home

26 July 2016
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If you've ever woken up in the morning and found your shower freezing cold, then you know you have trouble with your hot water system. In most instances, professional plumbers should be able to solve the problem once they figure out what it is. While you probably won't be fixing the hot water system on your own, it pays to know what has caused it, so that you can prepare the plumber for a quicker and more efficient job.

Heating Element Is Broken Or Damaged

If your heating element is broken or damaged, then the hot water system will not be able to send heated water through your taps. Heating elements can get damaged over time and frequent use. In some instances, it may be because of a fault within the system. Professional plumbers will need to check the system and will likely need to replace the heating element if this is the problem.

Residue Builds Up Over Time

Over time, contaminants from the water supplied to your home can build up inside your water heater and will harden the base. This will reduce its ability to generate hot water to your home. You can protect your water heater from sediment and residue by cleaning it regularly. If the water in your area is hard, you can even treat it with water softening agents available at some home improvement stores. If the residue has hardened too much and rust has formed, your plumbers may recommend complete replacement as a better alternative.

Thermostat Is Damaged Or Incorrectly Adjusted

If you have a little hot water, but not enough, then it may be because of thermostat trouble with your water heater. The thermostat may either be incorrectly adjusted or it may have become faulty over time. If the thermostat is faulty, your plumber may recommend that you replace it.

Leak In The Pipes Leading To The Heater

If there is a leak in the pipes that lead to your water heater, you will not get hot water in your home or you won't get enough. This can be difficult to diagnose on your own because the pipes may be in the interiors of your wall or somewhere else. Professional plumbers will need to eliminate all other problems before checking whether the problem is caused because the pipes leading to your water heater are leaking.

Hot water is crucial, especially during cold winters. If you notice any of these problems in your home, call professional plumbers to solve your hot water problems.