Equipment You Should Have To Clear Blocked Drains

29 July 2016
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Having to deal with blocked drains is an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of owning a home. This is because plumbing systems are made up of an assortment of components. At one point or another, different parts of the plumbing system may develop clogs and blockages. If you would like to deal with blocks in your drains on your own, you would need to be armed with the appropriate equipment. Typically, homeowners will simply have a plunger in their residence. Although this may work for small clogs, they are not designed to handle bigger blockages in your plumbing. It should be noted that if you are unable to block your drain through DIY methods, it is prudent to enlist the services of a plumber post haste before the blockage becomes extensive. Here are some of the different types of equipment you should have to clear blocked drains

Drill drain cleaners

As the name suggests, this type of equipment uses a drilling mechanism to clear blocked drains. It is designed to eliminate obstructions that can neither be pulled out nor pushed down your drains. This typically happens when the debris in your drains has coagulated and formed a solid mass over time. Opting to push this type of blockage down your drain will only result in further clogging in your piping. A drill drain cleaner will break down the solidified debris into smaller particles. Once the blockage has been broken down, it would be easier to plunge it out of your drain. Drill drain cleaners come in varying sizes ranging from hand-held tools to freestanding equipment. 

Jet drain cleaners

This type of equipment uses pressurised water to pump clogs and blockages down your drain. The high pressure applied to the water works to completely flush out your drain. Jet drain cleaners have a nozzle fitted at one end that is designed to withstand the high pressure that the water is being pumped with, thus causing directional flow of the water rather than it splashing all over the place. Jet drain cleaners are ideal for kitchen sinks that are prone to developing clogs due to food items making their way down the drain. 

Plumbing rooter

This type of equipment is designed to clear blockages that form outside your home. Over time, your exterior drainage can become blocked due to tree roots penetrating the plumbing. A plumbing rooter functions to cut these roots into smaller pieces, which will be washed away by the wastewater that flows through the exterior plumbing.