Need Wooden Pallets? Don't Forget Pallet Collars Too

17 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you need to transport finished goods from your factory or maybe just want to send a single dispatch to a customer or a friend, wooden pallets will come in handy where handling is concerned. Pallets allow your goods to be moved, loaded and offloaded with ease using forklift machinery. However, as you consider buying wooden pallets for sale, also think about buying pallet collars. These can help to make your pallets even more functional for your needs. Read on to learn more.

What are pallet collars?        

Pallet collars are pallet accessories recently introduced in the industry to help offer pallet goods more safety and stability. They are usually attached to the top edge of wooden pallets via metal brackets. In this manner, they form a sort of collar around the pallets, hence the origin of their name. There are numerous options to choose from when buying pallet collars as you shall see below.

How do pallet collars help?

As alluded to above, pallet collars help to contain goods loaded onto the pallets. Typical pallets have a flat level surface which sometimes may pose a danger of goods moving about during handling. Pallet collars help by preventing this from happening. Once installed, the collars restrain the loaded goods from falling off or sliding to the side.

Determining if your applications will require pallet collars:

Not every transport application requires pallet collars. That said, it is important that you evaluate your transport needs to determine if you should also order pallet collars as you buy your wooden pallets. Typically, pallet collars are necessary if:

  • The loads don't have a flat base or are heavier on one side and therefore can't sit firmly on the pallets.
  • The loads will be packed inside the vehicle in a manner that could allow the product to slide off the pallet during transit.
  • The load on the pallet is tall and could lean or topple during transit.
  • The loads on the pallets could damage each other if they lean into each other during transit.
  • The pallet products cannot be wrapped and need an alternative containment solution.

What to consider when buying pallet collars

New or used collars?: You can buy new or used pallet collars. New collars are ideal if you plan to use them repeatedly. Used collars are ideal for single or limited use.

Single tier or stacked collars?: Pallet collars can be installed as one tier or they can be stacked in multiple tiers to form a box.

Pallet collar thickness: Pallet collars are available in varying thicknesses. Most range between 15-20 mm. Choose higher thicknesses for bulky loads.

For the right applications, pallet collars can help to protect your valuable goods from getting damaged before they have reached the end user. The extra costs of pallet collars may, therefore, be worth it if you feel that there is a risk of this happening.