A Guide On Custom Commercial Buildings

18 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Every developer would want their commercial building to stand out. It is a sure way to make the property attractive to tenants and buyers. The excerpt below discusses a few secrets on how you can build a custom commercial building

Prioritise The Design Features Of The Building

The design of the structure should be attractive to the eye. Therefore, you should engage an experienced architect to design the building. Other than the standard box-like structures, you could go for contemporary designs inspired by physical features, animals, or plants. 

Consider the functionality of the building. For example, since most businesses operate on a budget, the building must be energy-efficient to ensure tenants cut on their energy costs. A simple way to promote energy efficiency is to ensure that the building's orientation promotes efficiency. For example, it could face away from the sun's rays. You could also use glazing to let in natural light and prevent the use of artificial lights. Double glazed windows will prevent the building from heating up, thus reducing the need for AC. 

Ensure Adequate Amenities

When leasing commercial space, most people will assess whether the building is ideal for them and their clients. Therefore, your building must have adequate amenities. For instance, expansive parking will ensure tenants and their clients can access the premises without having to worry about the security of their cars. The building should have large walkways, wide staircases and elevators. Remember, some of your tenants will move in with large furniture. 

The building must be disability-friendly. Ramps, rails and disability-friendly toilets will go a long way in making people with special needs comfortable. Think about the safety of the occupants. For example, ventilation systems, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and emergency exits will help prevent damage and loss of life in case of a fire. 

Promote Mixed-Use

If possible, you should allow mixed use of the commercial building. Businesses rely on each other. As such, it would be convenient for your tenants if the premises are a one-stop shop for all their business needs. For instance, the lower floors could house banks and retail shops, while the upper floors could be office blocks. You could also consider a rooftop restaurant. 

Follow The Local Laws

It would be disheartening if your building were declared illegal. Therefore, you must assess local laws to know the dos and don'ts of commercial building construction. For example, you could be required to use a specific foundation or go up to a certain number of floors. Remember to hire a certifier to ensure your contractor follows the local laws. 

When putting up a custom commercial building, prioritise the building's design features, ensure adequate amenities, promote mixed-use and follow the local laws.