3 Common Reasons Why Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment May Fail

25 February 2022
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From cold rooms and walk-in freezers to under-counter, reach-in and merchandiser units, different businesses and commercial facilities rely on a variety of commercial refrigeration systems to keep their goods fresh and in sellable condition. 

Unfortunately, mishaps leading to refrigeration system failure can occur unexpectedly, putting businesses and commercial facilities at risk of suffering huge financial losses due to spoiled products. The good news is that malfunctioning commercial refrigerators and freezers can be repaired in a timely fashion. But this requires a fast and accurate diagnosis of the problem.

While each appliance is designed and built differently, here are some common problems that may warrant refrigeration repair.

Bad thermostats

Your commercial refrigeration system has a thermostat just like the HVAC equipment installed within the building or facility. While different refrigeration systems may have different types of thermostats, all thermostats serve the same purpose  — monitoring and controlling the entire cooling process.

If your refrigeration equipment cannot keep your merchandise at a constant temperature, this is usually an indication of a broken thermostat. The problem can be fixed by replacing the bad thermostat with a new one of high quality.

Broken door seals

A bad thermostat isn't the only reason your refrigeration system may fail to keep your goods at an even temperature. The cold storage equipment door seals that help keep the internal temperatures constant can become damaged or worn out over time, allowing air to escape. 

Problems with leaky doors can be fixed by replacing the door seals.

Faulty defrosters 

Commercial cold storage equipment typically comes equipped with a defroster to stop frost from building up to the point of completely sealing your cold storage space and creating a slip hazard in the case of walk-in units.

To fix problems due to the accumulating frost, you will need to get a defroster repair or replacement. Keep in mind that a bad defroster isn't the only reason for excessive frost buildup. Broken evaporators and anti-condensers too can cause the problem and will need to be repaired if they malfunction.

As refrigeration systems are critical equipment for businesses and facilities that require cold storage to keep their products unspoiled, attempts at DIY repairs should be avoided. Commercial refrigeration repair specialists are aware of the common issues you may face with your refrigeration equipment and can help you return it to good working order in no time. All you have to do is to contact them when you see the signs of equipment failure.