Do You Need a Features and Levels Survey for Your New Development?

23 June 2022
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Do you want to develop a plot of land that already contains some structures? In this case, you may be thinking about adding another townhouse to the existing development and will want to know if you can achieve your goals without any compromise. Clearly, you need to work with some experts to define your limits and, principally, will need to work with a land surveyor to conduct what is known as a features and level survey. Why is this type of survey beneficial?

Moving beyond the Title Boundary Survey

When a building surveyor assesses a virgin plot of land, they will typically do so to define the boundaries. This information will be used to secure the title and ensure that there are no issues when work is underway. In the case of a property with existing development, much more detail is required. This is where a features and level survey is invaluable as it provides information necessary upon which decisions can be made.

Revealing All

This type of survey will pinpoint the location of existing buildings with highly accurate dimensions. It will also record the various ground levels across the site, which may be crucial if there is a lot of undulating lands. Also, the survey will highlight the natural features such as mature trees, ponds or other elements that may remain in place during any development. Armed with the survey information, architects can then make important decisions about building location and avoid any costly errors during the construction stage.

Managing Easements

But this type of survey can go even further. The surveyor can identify any existing easements that may or may not be linked to the surrounding land. As a developer, you may then be able to take advantage of their location without calling for new utility infrastructure with additional easements in place.

The Importance of This Survey

Don't underestimate the importance of a features and levels survey. In a situation like this, you cannot have too much information, and your plans must be even more accurate than they would otherwise be. Some people in your situation may have overlooked this type of survey in the past, with disastrous consequences. Due to assumptions made or generalised information, they may have been unable to build the type of structure they desired and had to settle for second best. Clearly, this could lead to financial loss as well as reputational damage.

Commissioning the Work

Talk with a land surveyor about a features and levels survey for your plot.