3 Questions To Ask Your Home Builder

15 September 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You will need a home builder's services when constructing a property. Ideally, home construction is a consultative process between the builder and prospective homeowner. This piece puts forward some questions to ask your home builder as you contract them to build you a custom home. 

1. What are the applicable laws?  

Most developers underestimate the need to assess development regulations before designing and building homes. This oversight often causes legal issues and construction delays. For instance, the local council could deny you a construction permit if the building design flouts the zoning and land planning regulations. On the other hand, if the builder does not comply with the building code during construction, they could receive an enforcement notice that halts construction work. Your home builder should acquaint you with these regulations from the onset. This way, you can easily decide on an appropriate home design and establish the viability of the project. 

2. How can you customise the property?

Your needs and tastes are the primary concern as the home builder customises your home. Although you may have some suggestions, it is always wise to ask for the builder's input. Remember, the professional has years of experience in the construction industry. Besides, they are a reliable source of information on recent construction trends. For instance, if you have young kids, the builder could recommend a playing room to prevent the kids from cluttering the living area with toys.

If you plan to hold parties on the property, the builder could advise you to consider a deck that adjoins the living room. This way, you have an easy time hosting guests in your home. Features such as kitchen islands, adequate storage, multi-purpose garages, appealing landscapes, and sufficient glazing can help improve the value and functionality of your new home.  

3. How long will the build take? 

It is normal to be anxious about when you can move into your new home. It is the builder's responsibility to help manage your expectations. Ideally, the professional draws a construction plan detailing all the construction activities, their timelines and the various building milestones. In some cases, the builder could ask you to delay construction work. For instance, weather changes such as storms, strong winds, and flooding could affect critical construction work such as building foundations and installing concrete beams or roofs. Furthermore, the builder could ask you to wait till the low seasons when the labour and building supplies costs are low.