Renovating Your Home? 3 Questions To Ask Your Design Builder

15 September 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A design-builder is your best bet when conducting significant home renovations. Typically, the professional helps you make structural changes in your home to improve its appeal and floor space. This piece puts forward some questions to help you interview a design-builder

1. What preparations need to be done before renovating the property?  

The design-builder needs to conduct the following preparations; 

  • Conduct a property inspection to establish the property's structural integrity. Remember, weak structural elements such as slabs, foundations, and pillars could compromise the integrity of the build.
  • Assess the local building regulations to determine what they should avoid when designing and renovating your home.
  • Conduct due diligence to determine the need for building permits as they renovate your home.
  • Establish legal issues that could prohibit the project. For example, an easement on your property could restrict the builder from renovating your property. 

Once the design-builder establishes the viability of your project, they should propose a suitable design. Typically, the design-builder should assess the original blueprints and develop designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the original structure. Functionality is a critical aspect of home renovation projects. For instance, if you need a kitchen extension, the builder should propose upgrades such as kitchen islands, a deck, and sufficient storage. 

2. What materials will you use? 

Most homeowners are not concerned about the builder's material choice. However, this is an essential concern since it affects the sustainability and affordability of the renovation project. For instance, the builder should consider sustainable building materials such as bamboo, plant-based polyurethane, pre-cast concrete and sustainable timber. Alternatively, the design-builder could use recycled concrete, glass, or wood. The rule is to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the suitability of the various materials. For instance, your preferred material should guarantee long-term benefits such as low maintenance. Besides, it should enhance your home's value. 

3. How much will the project cost? 

The design-builder should create project estimates detailing how much you need to renovate the property. If possible, you should ask several builders to bid for the project. It helps you get the best construction deals. Nevertheless, it is always wise to compare the builder's bid against their conditions. For instance, you are better off dealing with a builder with a high bid but offering free maintenance and repairs. You should also assess the builder's credibility. For instance, do they have liability insurance? Has the design-builder undertaken similar projects? Remember, you should work with the best that the market has to offer.